First Alpha Protocol Review Surfaces on the Internet, Scans Inside

Alpha Protocol is Obsidian Entertainment’s first original IP and knowing the developer’s showcase (Star Wars: KOTOR 2, Neverwinter Nights 2 + Mask of the Betrayer and Storm of Zehir add-ons), everybody was hyped up about the game when it was first announced, at the beginning of 2006. However, a lengthy development cycle and a failed release date (Alpha Protocol was originally supposed to come out on Octomber 27th, 2009 but was pushed back to May 28th) have placed Alpha Protocol further away from gamers’ radar for a while. After all, May was (and still is) a month filled up to the brim with a lot of AAA titles like Alan Wake, Lost Planet 2, Skate 3, Split/Second, Blur, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and the daddy of them all – Red Dead Redemption. Hopefully none of these games will “steal” from Alpha Protocol’s audience, since it still holds much promise.

Recently some scans of the Spanish gaming magazine Playmania (Issue 127) have surfaced on our beloved Internet and guess what? This June issue of Playmania contains an Alpha Protocol Review (check out the scans -> scan01, scan02, scan03).

Even though it’s in Spanish, I managed to translate some portions of text (Google Translate is not so bad after all). So here they are, the Alpha Protocol Review detailed scores, featured in Playmania Magazine:

  • Graphics -> 80 – The exteriors are not so bad but the models and their animations are far from perfect.
  • Sound -> 90 – Appropriate soundtrack.
  • Diversity -> 89 – Even though it’s the same game, there are many possibilities when it comes to customizing your character and deciding how to play.
  • Duration -> 90 – The replayability factor is really high. You can play Alpha Protocol a lot of times without experiencing the same adventure.
  • Overall -> 88 – A spy role playing game that succeeds in blending action with stealth and gives players a high degree of freedom in choosing how they want to proceed.

First Alpha Protocol gaming

The Best parts of Alpha Protocol -> The freedom to choose how you want to acoplish your objectives and a great decision making system.
The Worst parts of Alpha Protocol -> Outdated graphics and basic AI.

Among the features which Alpha Protocol brings new to the proverbial RPG table is the innovative dialogue system. Conversations occur in real time, giving the player only a limited amount of time to decide how to respond at certain key points during dialogue. When speaking with a NPC, you’ll be able to choose between three different stances that Obsidian says are based on the personalities of Jason Bourne (of Bourne Identity fame), James Bond and Jack Bauer (from the TV Series ’24’). According to Alpha Protocol’s developers, Jason Bourne is the “professional”, James Bond is the smooth talking gentleman we all know, while Jack Bauer is the “aggresive type”. And how could Obsidian illustrate these stances better than with the following Alpha Protocol trailer?

Another Alpha Protocol trailer that popped out recently (read “today”) illustrates some of the locations where our rookie CIA agent Michael Thornton will get to show off those martial arts skills and his varied weapons arsenal.

We’re eagerly waiting for other Alpha Protocol Reviews to go live, and while the somewhat shoddy implementation of the Unreal 3 engine is something we noticed from the trailers, we hope that the other aspects of the game will be at least at Obsidian’s usual level of quality.

The Alpha Protocol release date is May 27th in Australia, May 28th in Europe and June 1st in North America and, according to VG247, has gone Golden at the beginning of May. Alpha Protocol is available for preorder on Amazon: $56.99 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions and $46.99 for the PC version.