What Are The Main Differences Between Office and Gaming Chairs

According to the most recent statistics, the number of hours an average human spends in front of a computer per day is at a historical high. Depending on what you do, you spend between 8 and 16 hours in front of some kind of screen. And, if you are not careful enough, that might have a wide range of negative effects on the health of your spine, lower back muscles, eyes, and overall well-being.

Gaming Chair vs Office Chair

One of the best ways to tackle these problems is by finding an appropriate chair. When at home, we usually sit in an unnatural position. Some of us like to stare at our tablets while lying on our stomachs, while others are unnaturally bent while typing on their laptops. Only those who have a desk whose only purpose is to hold a computer for work might avoid these and similar traps. But, this brings us to the old question, what is the difference between gaming chair and office chair?

In general, office chairs and simple and rough. Of course, some offices invest large amounts of money in their furniture, but they are fairly rare. In most cases, we are talking about the simple square design, without any particular design. The focus is, almost exclusively, on functionality. That is why most people have the prejudice that gaming chairs are, on average, way more comfortable. And in case you have tried some of those fine fabric gaming chairs, the difference becomes even more obvious.

According to one of the latest surveys performed by the Swedish furniture producer Ikea, about thirty percent of all computer users don’t have a chair designated for sitting in front of a computer. In other words, they sit on random chairs they have in their household. Now, these can differ greatly both in style and functionality, and their influence on your spine and lower back are negative more often than not.


Do Gaming Chairs Make a Difference

Gaming chairs can make a whole lot of difference if you choose them carefully. Companies that produce gaming chairs are currently experiencing an unprecedented expansion. And, in their effort to conquer new markets, they are trying to diversify their offer, and cover as many niches as possible. Consequently, modern furniture shops offer chairs for somewhat strange activities such as bird monitoring, star observation, and playing action games that involve both hands.

Keep It Simple and Comfortable

All things considered, it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick a comfortable chair. First of all, make sure it was made from fine fabric. Next, it should have a resting place for each of your hands or elbows. Also, it needs to be adjustable when it comes to height. If the fabric is in the lower back region is a bit rough, that is a big plus, and so on. In general, try to focus on the functionality of the chair rather than on its design.