Windows 10 Home Versus Windows Pro – Which to Choose For Gaming?

A great majority of Windows 7 users have already migrated to Windows 10, and those who haven’t are currently on the lookout for reliable, long-term alternatives. And, just like any previous version of the famous Windows, the 10th edition comes in various versions. But, in this case, we are only going to deal with the two most popular, and they are Home and Pro. No matter how experienced you are, you probably think that the differences between these two versions are far from obvious.

Windows 10 Home VS Pro

And, from the perspective of an average user, who relies only on the basic features and plays a game or two every once in a while, that might seem right. But, if you are looking for a tool that’s going to help you solve complex problems, and you want to play top-of-the-shelf video games, you’ll need to think again. Because, even though they are subtle, the differences still exist. And, in this article, we are going to analyze them in great detail. So take a look!

The Question of Compatibility

First of all, we should mention a few important details regarding the compatibility of the central processing unit. Both the 64-bit and the 32-bit versions of Windows 10 are currently present on the market, and your choice will depend solely on the capacity of your CPU. For example, the Home version for a 32-bit system isn’t suitable for 64-bit devices and the other way around. Also, the 32-bit version of Windows 10 is compatible with old central processing units, and the 64-bit version was intended for newer machines.

A Variety of Options

Even though most stores offer only two or three, there are about 10 different versions of Windows you could currently opt for. One of the most popular alternatives is Enterprise, which many experts see as an improved version of Pro. It offers a wide range of features that are important only to IT companies and experts. If you, therefore, have plans to become a software engineer, that might be the right choice for you.

Windows 10 Home vs Pro for Gaming

At first glance, these two versions seem identical and support pretty much all the standard products of Windows such as Cortana and Microsoft Edge. But, as soon as you dive deeper into their technical capabilities, you will find the first differences. Namely, the Home version can have up to 128GB of RAM, while Pro can accommodate up to 2TB at a single go. And this can make quite a difference in the gaming world, right?

Windows 10 Home vs Pro for Gaming

Is Windows 10 Pro Better for Gaming?

According to experts, Windows 10 Pro was made to attract the so-called power users, and this version comes with a special service called ‘Windows Update for Business.’ It is a complex software whose main purpose is to implement safety algorithms and encryption technologies that will protect your applications and other sensitive data. On top of all that, Windows 10 Pro also has an extensive selection of preinstalled apps such as Secure Boot and Device Guard that are supposed to prevent breaches and unauthorized access by professional hackers. In other words, we won’t exaggerate if we describe Windows 10 Pro as a virtual fortress that is perfectly capable of rejecting the attacks of all sorts of hackers. But, is Windows 10 Pro good for gaming? Well, it certainly won’t disappoint you, but the market has better things to offer in that department.

Windows 10 in the World of Gaming

Unlike ever before in its history, Microsoft has finally done a good job in the gaming department. The new version of Windows is perfectly capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding gamers. Some of the most important features are:


  • Enjoy Xbox Games — From now on, Windows users can download and use the new Xbox Gaming App. It will allow them to rely on the same interface that regular Xbox users are currently using, and stream videos, participate in live chat and multiplayer streams and buy games. This feature is especially important if we have in mind the global popularity of Xbox. Namely, it is one of the bestsellers in the world of consoles.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility — Starting from Windows 10, gamers won’t be able to notice any important differences in the virtual realm. In other words, when it comes to responsiveness, you will be in the same position as any other player who uses any of the popular consoles. In some cases, depending on the game in question, it might even be better to use a mouse and a keyboard.
  • Streaming Options — Until now, you depended on your TV to stream your favorite games. And, as it usually happens with TVs, it was often already taken by somebody else. That is no longer a problem because from now on, you can stream games from Xbox to your PC without any delay.
  • Make Recordings and Take Screenshots — The latest version of Window might even make your smartphones, mp3, and mp4 players obsolete. That is because it allows you to make video recordings and take screenshots with ease. And, unlike ever before, you don’t have to be a computer expert to find all the important features. Everything is just a few clicks away.
  • Affordability — And last but not least, Windows 10 is more affordable than any of the popular consoles. Depending on where you live, you will have to pay between $130 and $140.