New Xbox LIVE dashboard release date: 26 October

For all of you Xbox 360 owners and fans, we have some good news regarding the next Xbox 360 LIVE update. Apparently, the 26th October 2010 has been set as the date for the new dashboard upgrade. This new Xbox LIVE experience will be available to all of the gamers in the world before November 4th, the date for Kinect’s launch.

Along with the Zune and ESPN features which came to the public from Microsoft, we now have some extra info about the changes in the Xbox 360’s dashboard. These upgrades, 8 in total will help improve your experience while using your console LIVE.

xbox live release notes

Many gamers, if not most, prefer engaging in some heart-stopping action with their friends rather than doing it alone. To help ensure you get the best features possible, the new update will have improved voice quality, by upgrading the audio codec, thus guaranteeing a better Xbox LIVE Party, when you feel like playing a multiplayer game with your buddies, catching a sports event, or even a movie. Also, the bright minds that came up with this upgrade made it easier for you to choose a Gamertag. I know how frustrating it can be when thinking about a Gamertag and coming up with a great idea to realize it is already taken, so you will now be able to choose from some suggestions. As your Avatar will spin a wheel, you will be presented with five alternative options at a time to choose from. You will also get a virtual keyboard, so that for example, signing up for LIVE within the dashboard will not be such a burdain anymore.

How many of you get sick of pressing yes, and next, and ok until your hand goes soar before being able to download what you want from Xbox LIVE Marketplace? Well, the solution is a reduction of steps you have to take before getting where you want so you can acces the games and content you are searching for without even breaking a sweat. Also, the Avatars will be more proportional for an improved experience while playing Kinect games. The connection to a wireless network has also been simplified. You will be able to see a list of the networks your console is in range of and select one or configure the one you are already connected to. You will also be granted the ability to sign-out other controllers. After all of these great improvements, I am happy to announce a last one. Finally, you can show off your impressive collection of Achievements and completed games, thus instead of being able to view only the last dozen games you have finished, you will have a new way to browse all of them.

That being said, I am sure gamers all around the world can’t wait to improve their Xbox 360 LIVE experience as soon as this update will be available, so get ready and as soon as it arrives, get your hands on it because it really sounds like it’s worth it.