AT&T holiday offer: buy 2 accessories, get 3.

AT&T holiday offer

The holidays are almost knocking at our doors, and probably most of you have the same problem every year: what can i get my loved ones for Christmas. Well, this year, AT&T comes to our rescue, with 3 handheld devices, all running Windows Phone 7: the Samsung Focus and the HTC Surround will be available starting November 8th, and a few days later LG Quantum will be joining them.

I wonder which of these smartphones will have the edge over the others and dominate the market. Surely people tend to pick a brand or manufacturer because of what they know about it, so which brand will be the victor this year? In addition to these 3 phones, AT&T will also bring a festive version of the Blackberry Torch 9800, with a red and white color scheme. But here lies the intrigue, because the Blackberry will be available on November 7th. Is one day enough to have the better hand? To hold the winning cards?

Also starting November 7th, is a gift from AT&T to all of its customers. For every two pieces of accessories purchased, you will be able to get another one for free. Yes, you heard right, it’s a 3 for the price of 2 sale, and who doesn’t love and appreciate a good sale. Last but not least, AT&T said that laptops and netbooks can be purchased with an AT&T DataConnect Pass, which envolves no contract, but works on a pay as you need it basis, which frankly is kind of cool.

Well, looks like AT&T has prepared quite a menu for us this year. However, will this be enough to keep their old clients happy and loyal, and even turn some clients from other providers to them? This is a moment where you ask yourself: what does your current provider offer you, what do other providers offer, which of them is better suited for your needs? When you find the answers to all of these questions, maybe you will have found a present for a loved one, or even yourself.