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Camfrog free download

Camfrog, massive online video chat client, created by Camshare LLC. It has attracted over 30 million downloads since its release in 2003 and the fan base is still growing. With thousands upon thousands of chat rooms, millions online, always expanding, Camfrog is one of the leading video chat clients out there.

You can use Camfrog for basically anything, from taking Guitar Lessons to matchmaking or even live Karaoke, but most of all having fun. The Camfrog client is easy to install and relatively easy to use, the interface doesn’t take too much time getting used to, especially if you have previous experience with this kind of messaging software.

You can get to love Camfrog, it has it all, video chat, private chatting, audio and text. You don’t need a webcam to use Camfrog, of course there are chat rooms that don’t allow you in without one, but most of them allow “Lurkers”(webcam-less users).

Where there is internet you will surely find the triple X, X-rated rooms are plentiful, and the “Family Filter” is way too easy to remove, so kids will need parental supervision.

Even though Camfrog is free, there are many ways you can pour money into it. As with any software of this kind, there is a Camfrog Pro, which you can upgrade with only $49.95 for both Windows and Mac. Camfrog Pro allows you to change the video windows to any size, to locate a favorite user, send files to other Camfrog Pro users and more, but the best feature is by far the fact that you can open more than one video windows at the same time. Another cool feature of Camfrog Pro is that it allows you to connect to your home webcam from any other PC and see what`s going on at your house. Another purchasable goodie is the Camfrog Server Pro $199.95 which allows you to create your own Camfrog Server, and the Camfrog Bot $99.95. The Camfrog Bot is a tool created to help you manage your own video chat room. You can set it to automatically kick users that use fowl language, set announcements to your room or greet any new joiners. Its customizable, meaning you can add functionality to it by writing in your own plug-in modules.

There is another side of Camfrog and that is Camfrog Mobile, which makes Camfrog available for Windows Mobile and the Apple iPhone. This application allows Camfrog Mobile users to IM one another, make individual audio calls and chat in rooms via text and/or microphone.

Camfrog is available for download at, and you can even get it shipped on CD right on your doorstep. Minimal requirements 1GHz progessor, 512MB RAM, DirectX 9 or higher and a Windows compatible PC.