Samsung Epic 4G release date officially set to August 31st

Samsung Epic 4G

Just a couple of days ago, we presented the Samsung Epic 4G and the rumors stating that it was due on August 12th. As this day came and went unnoticed for the Epic 4G, it was obviously not the right one. Fortunately, this time we have an official press release from Sprint, confirming the launch of the newest Samsung smart-phone.

With most of the specs we talked about in the previous article about the Epic 4G (which you can read here) being confirmed in the press release, there’s no point in re-opening this matter. Instead, what’s worth mentioning is that Samsung and Sprint present this phone, not only as a high-end smart-phone with a sliding keyboard, but as a very good gaming gadget. The high speed processor, big display and sliding keyboard are definitely good arguments in this direction. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that the OS will still be Android 2.1, which will be upgradable to the 2.2 version in the near future.

Samsung Epic 4G release date officially set to Augst 31st

We’ve already shown our enthusiasm towards the release of the Epic 4G and the fact that we will see it in stores so soon is even better. To be more precise, fans will be able to pre-order it on starting August 13th and pick it up when it appears in stores on August 31st. Those willing to get their hands on the Samsung Epic 4G will have to sign up for a two year contract with Sprint and pay $249.99 and a $100 rebate.