A “Father’s Day” deal: Free T-Mobile Phones on June 19′th!

Free T-Mobile Phones

It’s official! June 19th, only one day before Father’s day is the date T-Mobile is having one of the most amazing promotions ever: every phone is free. The catch, because there’s obviously one in any deal like this, isn’t really that bad: the new, happy owners will have to sign up for a two year contract deal on the family plan.

Unbelievably,  there are no other hidden catches and any of the phones presently available at T-Mobile will be up for grabs on the previously mentioned date: starting with the Garminfone and going on with Nokia, Sony Ericsson,  Samsung, RIM BlackBerries, Samsung, Motorola, Sharp – virtually any world-renowned mobile phone will be available… well almost every phone. It’s true that this offer is out just before Father’s Day, but there’s one more thing almost out just before: the wait for the Iphone 4 (who’s first pictures have been leaked a while ago), release date, which is on the 24th of June. Obviously, giving away for free one of the most expected sequels of the year wouldn’t be a very smart move and T-Mobile managed to avoid putting conditions like ‘every phone is free, except the Iphone 4’ by having this special event before the device’s launch date.

The Garminfone, just one of the T-Mobile phones available for free on June 19th

This unique opportunity will be available only on Saturday, June 19th, at the T-Mobile selling points. In order to be able to get a free phone, everyone will have to sign up on-line in advance; In addition, a limit of 5 devices per family plan has been imposed. As unreal as this promotion may seem, it’s true. Now the question is how many phones will they be able to give out for free and therefore how many customers will they make happy. Who would miss out on the one opportunity to grab their favourite phone for free, the one they didn’t afford to buy! In addition, you can come home, and say Happy Father’s Day like you’ve never said before.

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