Angry Birds Full – Available now for Android OS

Angry Birds Full – Available now for Android OS

Angry Birds finally sheads Beta skin and is available full version on Android. Angry Birds,a puzzle video game turned phenomenon gets 1mil downloads in just 1 day, that’s what they get for launching on Android. “Selecting GetJar as the place to launch our first ever full Android version of Angry Birds was an obvious choice” said Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka. They shouldn`t be disappointed even though GetJar`s servers crashed due to the huge traffic. On the first day after servers went up GetJar got 1mil downloads, and on early Monday morning they announced the reach of 2 million downloads. Download it yourself via GetJar from HERE.

Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Rovio and released in December 2009. It was initially released for iPhone and iPod Touch but has since been ported on various OS`s like the Palm webOS, Symbian and now Android. It became the top-selling paid application on Apple`s UK App Store in February 2010, and went on to conquer the US App Store in the spring of 2010.

Angry Birds – On Android

I must say it’s a hilarious game, it will surely get you hooked from the first level and keep you playing nonstop for hours. But what is it? What is so exciting? Put short… birds killing pigs. Yes, the whole story revolves around a flock of birds, each with different abilities and try to take back the eggs some green pigs stole from them. The pigs being natural builders take refuge in various types of buildings, from straw, glass, brick and so on. How do birds kill pigs you ask? Isn`t it obvious? With slingshots. Every bird gets slingshot and needs to hit the enemy pigs. But the birdie gets hurt :( you say. No it doesn’t… it just disappears… the game may sound violent but it isn’t. There are different types of birds, each with their own special abilities, exploding birds, speedy birds, bomb birds(kamikaze much?) even egg laying birds. It all is whole lot of fun but also very time consuming, levels becoming harder and harder to complete as you go along.