Archos G10 tablet with slimmer design to be unveiled in three weeks


Archos continues to be production MIDs/tablets before Apple introduced the iPad. But they’ve been much more about low-end to mid-end devices, than about creating devices that really feel and look high quality. It appears like that’s going to modify with Archos’ G 10 tablets, which seem like these were designed to compete inside the high-end industry, ideally for less money.

Several months again we got a glimpse of the Archos G10 XS, that is intended to be a competition for the Transformer collection from Asus. That appears like a great transfer, when I think there’s lots of space available on the market for hybrid products that aren’t too costly, and run much better than Windows 7 netbooks.

Being an additional advantage, tablets installed with keyboard docks usually have a lot longer life of the battery than laptops. Asus Transformer products can usually state over 15-18 hours useful, a overall performance that’s buoyed through the additional electric battery based in the connect. We don’t determine if Archos intends to put battery power inside the dock too, but knowing from the width, I’d say it provides a player.

The Archos G10 tablet that you could see inside the first picture (teased on Facebook) of the post should be introduced in 3 weeks, plus it is probably not a similar G10 XS device. I expect the unit to reach with ICS, not Jelly Bean, and possibly a Tegra 3 chip.