Best Buy Black Friday 2010: HTC Incredible, LG Optimus S, Samsung Fascinate for $1

HTC Incredible, LG Optimus S, Samsung Fascinate for $1

Black Friday, the biggest sale of the year is approaching very quickly with less than two weeks left. As we check out what is hot and what is not on the 2010 Black Friday shopping frenzy, there is a very sizzling hot deal out there being hosted by none other than Best Buy.

On this Black Friday, Best Buy live up to their name and are practically giving away some Android phones. Have your mother ever told you to always keep a dollar in your pocket no matter what, just in case of an emergency? Now think of all the things you can possibly do with just a dollar if that emergency was today, cant think of much can you?

But believe it or not, the Best Buy Black Friday 2010 ads is showing the HTC Incredible, LG Optimus S (charcoal), LG Optimus (purple), and the Samsung Fascinate smartphones for only $1 people (of course with a 2 year contract from their carriers). Now if you are feeling a little lucky this year they are also having a sale on the Samsung Transform for 69.99 with a 2 year contract and Galaxy Tab 7 for $549.99. As far as the Samsung Transform is concerned, Best Buy is not exactly at the top of the game as the Radio Shack Black Friday 2010 ads show the Transform for FREE with a Sprint contract on Black Friday 2010.

As far as we were able to figure it out, the Samsung Fascinate and the HTC Incredible from Best Buy are the top smartphone deals you should be taking advantage of on Nov 26.

We’ll keep you posted with any new Black Friday 2010 deals we can find. In the meanwhile, drop a comment below if you like/dislike these Best Buy Black Friday 2010 deals.