Radio Shack Black Friday 2010 ads: Samsung Intercept, Transform are Free. Vibrant priced at $49.99

Radio Shack Black Friday 2010 ads
ViviCam 3765

With Black Friday now being well within sight (the Black Friday 2010 date is 26 November), a lot of ads and offers have already begun leaking out, with some of them promising some very exciting deals. This year, the Radio Shack Black Friday ads display some very interesting Android smartphone offers.

As you can see for yourself in the ad below, Radio Shack’s Black Friday 2010 ads include a triad of Samsung Android smartphones. A couple of them, the Sprint Samsung Intercept and the Sprint Samsung Transform are free on Black Friday while the third one, the Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S class smartphone) from T-Mobile will be offered at $49,99.

Sprint Samsung Intercept free at Radio Shack on Black Friday 2010

The Samsung Intercept from Sprint is already a good budget choice if you are out for an Android smartphone from Sprint, but given the fact that this Android 2.1 running, 3,2 MP camera device with 3 inch screen (not AMOLED, but you still get great colors) is free on Black Friday at Radio Shack, it is definitely an option you should consider.

Black Friday 2010 Radio Shack smartphones

Sprint Samsung Transform free at Radio Shack on Black Friday.

The Samsung Transform is quite an odd contraption. Something between the Intercept and a true Galaxy S smartphone, the Samsung Transform was not that much of a success, given its market entrance price. But that does not mean it’s not a good smartphone. In fact, a free Samsung Transform (on contract) might be the best Android Smartphone offer you can get on this Black Friday. We feel it is better than the Samsung Intercept and both phones are free, so our advice is not that subtle.

T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant priced at $49.99

The Samsung Vibrant is a Galaxy S class smartphone, so you probably already know it’s just about the best you can get with T-Mobile at this moment. And in the spirit of good Black Friday discounts, Radio Shack will be offering the Vibrant for just $49,99.

The T-Mobile Gravity and the AT&T Samsung Flight II are also free on November 26 (Black Friday).

Here are some other leaked Radio Shack Black Friday ads:

Radio Shack Black Friday 2010 ads