BlackBerry 6 Leaked for Pearl 3G, Bold 9700, Bold 9650 & Curve 3G

BlackBerry 6 Leaked for Pearl 3G

The BlackBerry 6 operating system has been specially developed and custom-made for the BlackBerry, as a follow-up to the “not that good” BlackBerry OS 5 . The BlackBerry 6 brings a new Webkit browser aimed at running faster and more accurately. Flash support is still lacking in the operating system.

The upgraded OS will offer features like faster and richer web browsing experience, social and RSS feeds in one place, universal search options, intuitive and fluid design, simple setups and engaging multimedia.

Considering there are only a handful of devices that will be getting the OS 6 upgrade, it is obvious that users are impatient enough to be interested in trying out the leaked versions before their official release.

Here’s a round up on the devices for which the BlackBerry 6 has been leaked.

The Blackberry Pearl 3G

Promising to add more flexibility to the Blackberry environment, the Pearl 3G can expect an upgrade to OS 6. The leaked version for this handset may be downloaded from here.

The Blackberry Bold 9700

Though an official launch of the BlackBerry 6 OS on the Bold 9700 is scheduled shortly, a leaked copy of the same is now available online for download. Interested users can find download options and directions here.

The Blackberry Bold 9650

The leaked version for the Bold 9650 is also available for download here. It reportedly has positive responses so far but those who are not confident about using leaked versions should still wait for the official release of the operating system.

The Blackberry Curve 3G

Being the latest entry level handset by RIM in the blackberry range of devices, this is a lucky upgrade for owners using the same. The leaked version may be downloaded here.