Dell 10-inch Android Tablet Arriving In June. Could This Be The 10-inch Dell Streak?

Dell 10-inch Android Tablet Arriving

We’ve known for some time now that Dell is looking to complete their Streak line of Android tablets that began last year with the 5-inch version. The 7-inch version is quite similar to its predecessor but with some improvements such as a dual core processor and 4G compatibility through T-Mobile’s network. The question on everyone’s mind has been whether or not the 10-inch Android tablet that Dell firstly revealed back at CES this year would be the follow-up in the Streak line. Back then, Dell hinted that they’re not in a hurry and stated that the tablet would arrive some time in 2012. But recent reports show that a 10-inch Android tablet from Dell is due to arrive this very summer, with a release date somewhere around June. This is most likely the same slate that Dell unveiled way back in January.

Dell announcing 10 inch Android tablet at CES (from Engadget)

Whether or not this is actually the next model from the Streak line-up of Android tablets remains to be seen, as an inside source from Dell informed one of the Forbes bloggers that at this point the device is still under the “unbranded” stage. If this turns out to be the case though, we should expect to see a list of specs that would at least put the 7-inch version one step down the ladder. This would require of course a dual-core chip set and most likely the Honeycomb version of the Android OS.

Dell is already on its way to launching another 10-inch tablet, this one being powered by Microsoft’s Windows 7. Initially unveiled back in February, the Windows 7 Dell slate was supposed to hit store shelves by the middle of 2011. A leak of Dell’s reported “tablet roadmap” indicated mid-May as a possible release date for the tablet. Recently though, another anonymous source informed that Dell actually plans to wait all the way to this fall and launch the 10-inch Windows-based tablet in September. Finally, a Windows 8 version of a Dell tablet was also spotted on the roadmap, with an expected arrival in the first quarter of 2012. It looks like Dell has some serious plans for the upcoming period and they really want to get involved seriously with the tablet market.

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