Google Chrome extension for a taste of free music

Google Chrome extension is a well-known UK-based website for streaming music. Outed as one of the best music portals on the Internet, offers a lot of information on musicians their bands and their concerts. Once popular mainly due this feature, is now hoping to get a new audience with something a lot of fans love: listen to songs directly on the website. While it’s not all for free, the new Google Chrome extension will make it easier to listen to your favorite “” tracks.

Google Chrome extension for a taste of free music

So, among the 5000+ extensions that can be enabled for Google Chrome, there is now one that improves your Last.m experience. It is a free music player that can automatically intercept clicks on play buttons from the portal. The page is scanned for songs, which will be displayed in the the player interface . Note that this extension is not limited only to, but functions on all pages that contain play buttons.

The music player features basic commands such as volume control, pausing playback, shuffle and repeat options and scrobbling. The player works as a playlist on The music is played in the background; it will continue to play even if you closed the page.

It seems all the songs that are found and played in the music player are full lenght. If you don’t have Chrome or you don’t have the extension installed, they will be fragmented to 30 seconds. So, all the more reason for you to use the music player when listening to music from

This is truly an great music player for all users. The fact that it’s free, its ability to play full songs, the playlist and the play-in-the-background features make this music player a must have. You can download the extension directly from the Google Chrome Extensions gallery.