How To: Easily download YouTube Videos and many others

Easily download YouTube Videos and many others

Being a fan of any easy and fun thing to do, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this nifty bookmarklet presented here. Having tried a lot of add-ons to download video files from the web, I think I know what i`m talking about when I say this is by far the easiest to use. This bookmarklet works on many well known sites like Youtube, DailyMotion, Facebook, Break, MetaCafe, FunnyOrDie, Vimeo and some adult sites as well. None of the regular updates, no downloadable contents whatsoever, no popups barging in after your allowance. Just a simple click and save can let you download any video file from 1080HD to FLV.

This actually works, like a charm if i might add, without any of the trouble presented by the Adobe Flash plugin getting in the way. A lot of addons created for downloading video files off the web present problems due to the lack of the Flash plugin. So instead of browsing like a bozo after every downloading app out there you can try this Bookmarklet.

A bookmarklet is a crossbreed between Bookmark and Applet, basically it`s a one click wonder. It`s easy to use and takes almost no PC skills to operate. It`s way better than addons or other extensions because it doesn`t exert the extra pressure on your hardware, saves memory, disk space and even CPU cycles by not running in the background. And the best thing about it – full frontal compatibility (will work with any browser).

Heres the guide:

  • Step1. Go to Deturl`s bookmark page here.

  • Step2. Drag and drop or right click the link PwnYouTube and bookmark it. You should probably bookmark it somewhere close at hand, like your Bookmark toolbar or any of your browser`s other toolbars.

  • Step3. Once bookmarked you only need to test it out. Browse your way to the nearest video web page and click the resulted bookmark.

  • Step4. On most websites that contain a downloadable video file, a yellow ribbon will appear on top of the page presenting you with the only advice you`ll need to know from then on – “Right click on a link and save”, followed by the download options for that specific video file (like HD 1080p MP4  |  HD 720p MP4  |  HQ 480p FLV  |  HQ FLV  |  HQ MP4  |  Small FLV).

  • Step4.1. On some websites, like Gametrailers, the yellow ribbon won`t appear when you click the bookmark, and you will be redirected to Deturl`s page, where if any video is available for download you will see “Found some other files on the page” followed by the links available for download.

    Step 4.1 – Layout
  • Step5. Now simply right click on the version you would like to download and click “Save link as…”. The link will be treated as a direct download and the video file will downloaded.

This was it. Hope you enjoyed, let us know if we helped. Cheers