White iPhone 4 Release Date Rumored For February 27 at Best Buy

White iPhone 4 Release

Apple users have been thirsting for a white iPhone, which the company has been delaying for some reason or the other for since we can remember. One reason touted was that the white skin affected camera results. There was also another story Apple encountering problems with getting two suppliers in the Far East to match the shade of white  used in the manufacturing of the phone’s parts. In the meanwhile, a smart operator got components from FoxConn, the official supplier to Apple, and sold a number of white iPhones and making more than a quick buck. He did this by converting the black ones to the much-desired white avatar before Apple finally clamped down on him.

Now, it seems that the official release of the iPhone4 from Apple is a distinct reality and might probably debut on Best Buy. There are also rumors that the elusive white iPhone 4 might also be released through Vodafone Germany. In fact, a BRG report even shows a ‘screen capture’ of Vodafone Germany’s inventory system, hinting towards a possible white iPhone release. However, it is difficult to tell whether these are rumors or pre-release snippets emanating from the excitement of a possible release. Such reports are made all the more difficult by the claimed white iPhone 4release day of 27th February, a Sunday, which is hard to accept since Apple usually releases its new offerings on a Thursday or a Friday, strategically timing to attract more customers over the weekend.

There is also news of a new – and hold your breath – diamond-studded special edition iPhone 4 for the cognoscenti from designer Stuart Hughes at a whopping price of $20,000. This is likely to be a limited edition version available on first-come-first-served basis.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are making merry of the situation offering their very own version of the iPhone, the Ciphone, a clone of the iPhone4 with a striking resemblance to the original. Unlike the iPhone that has iOS, the Ciphone has Windows Mobile 6.1, 480×320 touchscreen, 128MB RAM, 1.3 MP camera with LED flash and also a front-facing camera.

For most of us the standard white iPhone 4 will do but when, o when, will it actually arrive ? Some people in the business believe that the delay of the white iPhone 4 was nothing more than a marketing scheme. I mean, why release a better looking iPhone 4 while the standard version was still selling like crazy ?