How to: Update MyTouch 3G to Android 2.2.1 Froyo

Update MyTouch 3G to Android 2.2.1 Froyo

As T-mobile extended the completion of the Froyo update for MyTouch 3G mobiles to December, but one who wants to do it manually right now, has an easy way to do it. The guide below should work just fine, but only for those who have the first MyTouch 3G phone, and not the other ones with 3.5mm headphone jack, and the Fender MyTouch model.

The update process is pretty easy, where you need to download the given files and set them at exact location and install. You can use the file transfer system to send the files, or use the SD card reader to make it easier to transfer files through the SD card.


  • Firstly, download the following 2 files and name them in order as you download, because they need to be maintained and unzipped in the same order for the correct installation – File 1 and File 2.

  • The next step would be resetting the phone to factory settings, which would delete all the data available and stored by you on the phone. So, better take a backup of it, using either MyBackup Pro, or any other tool like Lookout, both of which work pretty well.

  • To reset your phone, go to Settings > SD Card and Phone Storage > Factory data reset > Reset Phone.

  • Rename the first downloaded file to, and copy this to the root of your phone’s SD card. Root is the main page and not in any folders. Now try booting your phone up, by holding both the home and power buttons together, until a screen with a triangle and exclamation point is shown.

  • Then you need to enter into the recovery mode, by releasing the buttons and again pressing them together once. Then using the trackball, you need to navigate to “Apply” and then press the trackball for executing it. The file would flash, and then the phone reboots a couple of times. Do not interrupt the process while it happens.

  • The next steps would be just similar to the above steps, but before doing them you need to delete the file from the SD card, rename the 2nd downloaded file to and copy it to the same location in the SD card. Then repeat the above steps to install the 2nd file and execute the update process.

  • The 2nd file flashing would also boot the phone for a couple times, and then you would be enjoying the Android 2.2.1 after the reboot.

The process isn’t risky, but as it deletes all the data during the resetting of the phone, you would just need to back it up initially before starting the process. And as mentioned, this might be the last update of Android for MyTouch 3G so get your hands on it soon.