HTC Droid Incredible Android 2.2 manual update guide


If you don’t want to wait for the HTC Droid Incredible Android 2.2 update to be delivered “over-the-air”, now you can manually update your Incredible to FroYo in just a few simple steps.

Just before we start this Android 2.2 manual update for the Incredible, let it be said that this works only if you’ve got a non-rooted, stock handset. You should also note that we don’t host the file, instead the link will direct you to Google’s servers. Don’t worry if you are not very tech savvy, just follow the steps and you should do fine.

HTC Droid Incredible Android 2.2 manual update guide

Step 1. Download the file and make sure it is called “” and not “”.

Step 2. Place the “” file on the root of your SD card (that’s directly on the letter of the card, don’t place it in any folder).

Step 3. Turn of your Incredible. Now power it back on while pressing the Volume Down button. The phone should now go into its HBOOT mode.

Step 4. Select “Recovery” (use volume keys to navigate and power to select). When the “exclamation mark and triangle” screen appear, press and hold both Volume Up and Down at the same time.

Step 5. Select “apply” (volume keys to navigate, power to select).

Step 6. Wait for your Droid Incredible to install the Android 2.2 update, then reboot your phone.

You now should be running the FroYo version of Android.