Is Lenovo’s LePhone What The US Smartphone Market Is Missing ?

Is Lenovo’s LePhone What The US Smartphone Market Is Missing

Not many of you know about the Lenovo LePhone, especially since it won’t be coming to the US, but Chinese smartphone fans seem to be in for a treat. Besides an interesting design, the LePhone also comes with some specs and features that will make any US smartphone owner a little bit jealous.

Some other bloggers from around the web have labeled this phone as having an “obvious Asian influence”, but I for one, can’t understand why that has to be a bad thing. I mean, aren’t you just sick of all this new smartphones bringing no interesting design to the table? I know for sure I am. I don’t want just a brick, even if that brick is capable of multitouch, perfect screen resolution or any other fancy feature. I want my phone to look good… is that a crime?

But it’s not all about the looks with Lenovo LePhone. With features such as a 3.7 inch touchscren display (AMOLED), 1Ghz Snapdragon processor and two 3 MP cameras (one in front, one in the back, of course), looks like this phone can stand up to a big part of its non Asian relatives. And did I mention it runs Android 2.1 OS ?

The one feature I find very interesting, although it’s not a complete novelty (the LG Versa also had this) is the fact that the Lenovo LePhone has a detachable keyboard. This solves many problems: you want the phone to be a little slimmer: detach the keyboard. Feel like engaging in text conversations, just reattach the keyboard.

If you like Lenovo’s LePhone but don’t have access to the Asian market, you might be glad to know Lenovo announced that they are considering releasing the LePhone in other markets, but nothing is for sure at this moment.