Latest YouTube app for Android available at the Android Market

Latest YouTube app for Android available

Google has released the newest version of its Youtube app for Android, which, unlike older editions, will also be available as a separate download from the Android Market. The Google team promised they were going to make it easier for their customers to update important apps regardless of when the phone companies upgrade their devices to the most recent version of the Android OS. Time will tell if they live up to people’s expectations, because the new app requires phones featuring at least Android 2.2
But let’s see what the app is capable of. The first thing that’ll get in your eyes is the new, enhanced UI.

Google has also introduced In-page playback, so that users can read comment even when they’re watching videos (note that you can still watch videos in full screen mode, you only have to rotate the display.). Speaking of which, you can now watch videos in portrait landscape mode. A personalized home-screen video feed has been added, as well as some new player controls

With YouTube for Android it’s really easy to search for movies on Youtube, you can also view and subscribe to channels, just like with the computer version of Youtube. You can also shoot videos of your own with your camera and then upload them directly to YouTube. Logging in results in a customized list of videos recommended by Youtube to you.

You can try this great version of the official YouTube app at the Android market. You might also like to take a look at this video.