Leak: Motorola XOOM to be released February 17th at Best Buy. Price: $700

Motorola XOOM

Motorola’s upcoming tablet, called Motorola XOOM has made the headlines on just about every tech site since it was presented at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference in San Francisco held more than a month ago. Google’s Andy Rubin presented a prototype of the Honeycomb tablet, and said the device wouldn’t be out for a while.

We then learned the 3G Motorola XOOM will most likely arrive at Verizon this May, while the Wi-Fi edition would be released a month earlier. Well, now, I have news for you: things might have just taken a turn for the better, as one rumor claims that Motorola’s Honeycomb-equipped slate is expected to launch earlier than expected- February 17th at Best Buy. You can check out the picture below, but bear in mind that it is only an alleged Best Buy internal document, which has yet to be confirmed (or denied :) ). The tablet is to come to the US retailer on February 16, and would be outed the next day. Moreover, it seems the 32 GB Motorola XOOM price will be $700, according to dajarbot, a tipster who stirred up the tech world with his mail towards Engadget. A few days ago, a Verizon leak was saying something about $800, but let’s hope dajarbot is closer to the truth.

Now, I know things may seem a little chaotic, with all these rumors, but I’m sure a February 17 release date for the XOOM does stir up fan imagination. Let’s hope Motorola is merciful on this one and decides to confirm the document. In the meanwhile, be sure to stay tuned, because if there’s any news, we’ll surely be back on the topic.