Lost Your AT&T iPad 3G ? Lock Your Data Online From Any Computer

Lost Your AT&T iPad 3G

As much as we like to praise the guys over at Apple for their ability to bring us devices that seem taken from the future, being the first one there isn’t enough anymore. With various reviews and multiple possible purposes, the iPad has been selling great, but Steve Jobs and his fellows are too smart to leave it at that. After witnessing the huge success of the iPad, other manufacturers have hit the development labs and many other tabs have been announced for the end of the year. Amongst these, the Lenovo Lepad is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2011 and RIM have made public the details regarding their own “baby”, the Playbook. These news have determined Apple and the carriers that sell their devices to come up with something to attract even more customers, the possibility to manage the AT&T iPad data online.

Last week AT&T released the information that their users can start managing the accounts associated to the iPad 3G online.  The only requirements are a computer that has access to the internet and a web browser. The site to be accessed in order to get access to this new service is www.att.com/ipad at the “add data now section”. Besides the possibility to change and “mess” with your account data and, the new platform also allows new iPad users to pre-configure their devices and then come back and make any necessary changes, independent on their current position, or if they have direct access to the tab or not.

AT&T Allows Customers to Manage iPad 3G Data Online

One other situation in which the on-line management platform can prove useful is when users misplace or lose their tabs and want to lock the data in order to protect their information and privacy. As normal as this may seem, it was an impossible feature until now that could only be done by contacting a carrier representative.

This new feature comes to refresh the image of the iPad and it’s the fact that it is known as a rigid, hard to configure and manage device. It will most likely be very well received by most AT&T subscribers, giving them the opportunity to manage data from a distance. This can be viewed as an attempt to make them even more addicted to their tabs, practically the same effect that Facebook and Twitter mobile apps have had, allowing fans to have unlimited access to their social network accounts, even without a computer or a tab. To wrap things up, the platform is more than welcome and may see the iPad to even more success until now.