Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) Stimulus Map Pack Creates A Worldwide Buzz

Modern Warfare 2 (MW2

Today it has been a crazy day for Modern Warfare 2 fans, and boy I know a lot of us are since it is one of the best sold games in history. I don’t know, maybe this means people finally got it that it is not a felony, nor is it condemnable to release your daily anger and stress with a video game that might not be all about butterflies and brain puzzles.

But, getting back to the point, things were pretty confusing today for some of the more hardcore Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 fans, and yes, it was all related to today’s release of the new Modern Warfare Stimulus Package for Xbox360, despite the fact that it brings only 5 new maps (high quality maps, but still) and costs about 15$.

First, earlier today I was wondering what is the Stimulus map pack release time, since I knew that it was today, but no info was released on the subject. It seems that quite a few people have been wondering the exact same thing, given the fact that “Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus map pack dominated Google Trend hourly reports for almost a full day.

Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) Stimulus Map Pack Creates A Worldwide Buzz

Meanwhile, while I went upon my other things and was not at home, I got a phone call by a fellow gamer, telling me that the pack has been released, but he just keep getting one error after another. As you can guess, he was a little angry of this. When I got back, i found this article on Kotaku detailing various fan reports of the same errors and problems with the Stimulus map pack.

Just as a side note, that article got 16k visits in only a few hours and it represented only a small part of the huge amount of people that were chatting about the same thing all over the web.

By the time I got to installing the patch and playing the game the patch worked just fine.

I’ll come back with more info on the Stimulus map pack for MW2 fans on the Xbox360, especially since I’m sure they’ve brought more heat to the game in the new maps (they’re called Bailout, Overgrown, Crash, Storm and Salvage).