More Rumored Release Dates For Motorola XOOM, HTC Thunderbolt

Motorola XOOM, HTC Thunderbolt

Although we’ve seen a few interesting concepts of futuristic gadgets lately, most producers are still keen on taking advantage of the ever growing smart-phone and tablet markets. During the past couple of months we’ve presented the rumored specs and release dates for two much awaited devices and it seems that now we have the “almost official” figures for both of them. The first one is the Motorola XOOM, which we were expecting around February 17th, while the second one – the HTC Thunderbolt – was rumored to hit stores on February 24th. Of course, these days weren’t confirmed at that time and it so happens that both are a bit off the real ones.

The inaccuracy of the earlier mentioned dates is mostly due to the numerous changes in producers’ plans that have appeared after CES 2011. Many of the announced products have suffered either spec changes, or at least minor delays in the release dates. In other words, the Motorola XOOM will be available starting February 24th, or at least this is what Best Buy is stating at the moment. Why all the fuss around the XOOM? Well, chances are it won’t be “just another new tab”, as it does have an ace up its sleeve – the promised Android 3 Honeycomb platform, which has been built specially for tabs, in order to provide users with the best apps, interfaces and options adapted to the device’s supported resolution and characteristics.

The second mentioned device, the HTC Thunderbolt, seems to have been programmed to hit stores earlier than expected, on February 14th. Of course, this means it will be released on Valentine’s Day and we have a feeling that HTC is trying to suggest some presents here. Any case scenario, it’s always good when upcoming handsets are released earlier than previously rumored, no matter how rarely such a thing does happen. We just hope that this early arrival won’t mean lots of bugs that would need fixes, updates and so on. It is known that producers sometimes launch products although they are not 100% ready (at least on the software side) only to release some updates when these issues have been dealt with.

HTC Thunderbolt Expected Release Date – February 14th2

To sum things up, we should be expecting the HTC Thunderbolt on February 14th and the Motorola XOOM on February 24th; this is if no other changes will be made to these dates, which aren’t yet hundred percent official. They will both be, without doubt, a great new addition to the stores, be it by the good hardware specs on the HTC Thunderbolt or the Honeycomb OS that will be featured on the XOOM.