New Sprint Hero OTA Update Brings A Ton of Problems

New Sprint Hero OTA Update

One of the very many phones which received updates lately is the HTC Hero, well, actually the Sprint version of the phone to be more precise. Unfortunately, there have been reports, a few to many to ignore, about some issues regarding the phone’s performance after it received the update.

As many of you might have read, or heard, there has been a huge number of updates, from different companies, for different phones in the past few months. If you keep up with the news and the updates which come out, you can easily realise that it almost looks like a race, or battle, the winner being the company which updates their products faster and more often. If you think about it, in all of their rush to get the update to the users, something is bound to go wrong. So my question for you is: was the HTC Hero collateral damage? A casualty of war?

The update version in question is 2.32.651.2. It looks like it just keeps rolling out, and as the customers continue to download it, the reports continue to appear. Many of these reports state that users experienced problems with contacts, or some serious lag, so severe that people had to pull out the battery for a forced restart. Now, I don’t know about you, but it sounds pretty darn serious to me. I mean, it’s not like the menu responds a little slow, or you have to wait an extra second before a picture opens. I for one hate it when a device needs to be rebooted through the „battery-out” method, and I know all of you feel the same, right ? Sprint says that all the users are supposed to notice is an updated Sprint Zone, but there are also some bug fixez in it.

These might just be some isolated incidents, however, you might want to be a little careful when you download the update, and keep your fingers crossed. If however you turn out to be among the unlucky ones, please state your anger in the comment section below (throw in as many details about your problem as you like).