Nook Color Honeycomb Port Now Up For Download

Nook Color Honeycomb Port

Honeycomb, Google’s latest edition of the Android platform designed for tablet PCs, is now available for download for Nook Color users. While Honeycomb has not yet been officially launched by Google, it was unofficially leaked for the Nook Color.

According to androidcentral, the port was released by an XDA developer named “deeper blue”, who managed to port the preview version of this operating system found in the SDK to the Nook Color, the Barnes & Noble e-reader. This week, deeper blue has made Honeycomb available to the general public by releasing the ROM.

Although you can download the OS, I would like to remind you that this is just a preview of the Honeycomb and is not the final product, so there may be some performance issues along the way. However, some features which are confirmed to be working such as graphics acceleration, accelerometer, wireless, touch screen, hard buttons, SD card and sleeping. There also some earlier reported features of the Honeycomb that e-book readers can benefit from such as multitasking, 3D compatibility, Google maps and the Chrome browser.

If you own a Nook Color, you can install Honeycomb and check out the various functions with this preview. The first official Honeycomb device, the Motorola XOOM will also be released this month as has been announced by Motorola itself.

However, this preview version of the Honeycomb can give you an idea about the features and benefits so if you’re desperate for your Honeycomb fix, I guess there’s no other way. Download link and instructions here.