iPhone 4 Now Available for Pre-order at Verizon and Apple Store

iPhone 4 Now Available for Pre-order at Verizon and Apple Store

Existing Verizon customers can now preorder the CDMA version of Apple iPhone 4 through Apple’s Online Store or through the iPhone page at Verizon Wireless. Verizon and Apple allotted a limited number of iPhone 4 units for today’s pre-order that started 3AM Eastern Time. The phones will be delivered for free to the customers’ specified address by February 10, 2011, which is Verizon’s iPhone 4′s official launch date. Everyone else, such as non-Verizon subscribers, will be able to pre-order the iPhone 4 by February 9 through online and physical stores.  Those who are brave enough not to pre-order in spite of the device’s popularity can pick it up from the store on February 10 – the day of the launch itself – starting 7AM in Apple retail outlets.

iPhone 4 Now Available for Pre-order on Verizon and Apple Store

Due to the device’s high-demand, pre-order is carried out on a first come first serve basis. According to InformationWeek, pre-order sales for the iPhone 4 are going well. In fact, a memo published by AppleInsider states that Apple requested its employees and their relatives not to buy an iPhone 4 for themselves. For the moment, at least.  Verizon’s iPhone 4 costs $199 and $299 for 16GB and 32GC models respectively. Each unit is tied-up with a Verizon 450-minute voice plan costing $39.99 per month, as well as a $30 per month Web and Data plan. Unfortunately, messaging plan comes separately, so you would have to factor that in if you’re in the hedge about getting yourself a unit.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, the iPhone 4 is the newest iteration of one of Apple’s most celebrated creations, the iPhone. Design-wise, the iPhone 4 is fitted with glossy and scratch-resistant aluminosilicate glass found in the windshields of helicopters. The phone also boasts a 960-by-640 multi-touch backlit LCD display, which is the highest resolution display that could be found on any phone. Other features include the energy efficient A4 chip, built-in three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, and two microphones and a speaker. According to a review by Engadget, Verizon’s iPhone 4 is not bogged down with voice call issues such as its counterpart on AT&T.