RadioShack iPhone Deal: $50 discount on any iPhone 4G /3Gs price tag. Trade-in offer also available

RadioShack iPhone Deal

RadioShack, in a bid to attract a larger number of Apple lovers to their wireless device retail outlet, announced an amazing offer on iPhones. A week long sale at RadioShack will offer a $50 discount on any iPhone price tag giving the store a competitive edge over its retail rivals.  Discount applies to both iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS models.

This one-week offer from RadioShack could enable you to get iPhone 3GS for just $50. The 32 GB iPhone 4 price is now $250 whereas its 16 GB counterpart is priced at $150.The offer is available till December11.

That’s not all; RadioShack has further spiced up this offer with a novel trade-in-incentive that allows you a credit of $75 to buy a new iPhone device. All you need to do is trade in a working iPhone 3GS. You can also get a $125 credit in case the iPhone 3GS you trade in is in excellent condition.

These two offers when coupled together present a mind boggling opportunity to existing iPhone owners on a new iPhone device. For instance, you can get a new 16 GB iPhone 4 for as low as just $25 by trading in your working iPhone 3GS.

This deal is available to retail customers only (not online) so just rush to the nearest RadioShack outlet.