Samsung Galaxy Tab 16GB model price leaked. Release date: October 16.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 16GB

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was announced yesterday with an October EU release date tag, but up until today, no official word was shared by Samsung on the Galaxy Tab price. Lots of speculating was made yesterday, placing the price everywhere between $900 and $1240, but Samsung officially dismissed them all.

But as the web is the quickest way to leak info, words have come to our ears placing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 16GB model at around 760-815 euros (that’s about $950-$1030).

Our first tipster was, placing the Samsung Galaxy 16 GB Tab up for preorder at a price of £679.99 (that’s €816 or $1046). On the website, the Samsung Galaxy Tab release date is mentioned as October 11.

The most official pricing confirmation we could gather was a tweet from an official O2 hardware & gadget news Twitter account that placed the O2 Samsung Galaxy Tab price at €759 (or $973). It seems O2 will allow its customers to pay a €99 deposit first and then €27.50 each month for two years.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 16GB price and release date

And I know everyone will be making this compare-logic, but Apple’s iPad is selling for $630 (a 3G enabled 16GB model). I mean, there’s some serious cash somewhere in the middle. And don’t get me wrong, I personally have high expectations from the Samsung Galaxy Tab but at a price like that, they’d better come true.