Samsung Galaxy Tablet spotted in Australia. Still no release date available

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It seems like just yesterday we’ve learned for sure about the existence of an upcoming Samsung tablet modeled after Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone and already we’ve heard speculations about such a tablet wondering around the streets of Sydney, Australia.

Not even properly announced by the right people, the device was spotted being tested by an anonymous telco worker where else but at a train station. The footage and pictures with the actual “test in progress” were provided due to the kindness of the guys over at Electronista. In the video we can see the Telco worker handling the Android tablet which seems a lot smaller than Apple’s 10-inch iPad, capable of being operated with just one hand while held comfortably in the other.

The amateur that made the footage with the supposed Samsung Galaxy tablet had the chance to address the owner and question him about the upcoming tab. The employee couldn’t provide any details but he did characterize the tablet as being “awesome” and “different” compared to the iPad.

This is actually the second time we’ve had the pleasure to feast our eyes with the supposed 7-inch tablet, the first encounter taking place more than two months ago with no details about the incriminating picture, not even about how long ago it was taken.

First Samsung Galaxy Tablet appearance

This appearance of the Galaxy tab on Australian streets (or offices) indicates we are getting closer and closer to a release date, but we still don’t know with certainty the carriers for this tablet, except for UK’s Vodafone. Vodafone is also a candidate for the Australian market along with Telstra and Optus. For the US, our best guess is that Verizon will be the lucky carrier for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.