Sprint Epic 4G turned into Epic 4 Gaming

Sprint Epic 4G turned into Epic 4 Gaming

The Samsung Epic 4G, as many of you might already know, is a beautiful piece of technology, powered by Android 2.1, equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard, a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, a very powerful 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and many other extraordinary qualities.

However, one Epic 4G, Cary Golomb, after a lot of consideration, i am sure, decided that he did not need all of the keys that the phone came with. After „a lot” of thinking, he carefully took into consideration what keys he needed for playing games, and cut the others out with a knife. Probably after noticing the ruined aspect of the phone, he also painted over the areas where the keys that did not serve him for anything were. A video of the new gadget can be seen here, courtesy of brainlazy.

Even though the Epic 4G is truly an epic phone, and you can make full use of it by way of touchscreen only, one might wonder what came over mister Golomb so that he mutilated his phone. I personally know a lot of hardcore gamers, and even they would be terrified at the sight of this „new” gadget. You have to wonder why this guy didn’t think about the resell value of the phone, which probably went down along with those „useless” keys.

My curiosity, though, is not why he did it, but, why he did it when there are loads of old gaming console emulators throughout the Android Market, so he didn’t really need to make his phone more useful for gaming. Also, there are loads of consoles to choose from, hand held and otherwise, and they save you the trouble of adjusting their keys to the games, seeing how they are specifically designed for gaming. For all of you gaming fanatics out there, I only have one thing to say: instead of ruining your gadgets to make them suitable for other purposes, save some money and buy other gadgets designed to suit that purpose. It’s cheaper for you and safer for the gadgets. That’s unless you’re a bit loco.