T-Mobile G2 gets Amazon deal for the price of $79.99. $20 more at Costco

T-Mobile G2 gets Amazon deal

It seems like lately all we talk about is Windows Phone 7 devices since everyone is curios to test to new platform.But it’s important to still keep an eye from time to time on how Android manages to hold on with all this WP7 frenezy. For instance, the Android 2.2 based T-Mobile G2 (read specs here) just got a new deal from Amazon Wireless. If you sign up for a two year contract with Amazon, the T-Mobile G2 with Google (as G2 likes to be called) can be yours for the price of $79.99 with no Mail-In-Rebates. If you decide to go with Amazon, you should be albe to get your hands on the smartphone in two days with free shipping.

Unfortunately this only goes for new cutomers and if you’re already a client you should turn you’re attention elsewhere.

T-Mobile G2 gets Amazon deal for the price of $79.99. $20 more at Costco

Now, if you are already an existing customer and you want to upgrade, you might enjoy Costco’s deal which includes an extra $20, meaning a total of $99.99, but this time with a $50 Mail-In-Rebate. And this offer stands for new customers also, but otherwise we advise you to keep your eyes wide open when you make your deal with these third party retailers. We wouldn’t want to see you end up with a bad paying plan or, like other G2 owners before, with a bad hinge or less internal memory than you we’re expecting.

Via: Phandroid