The Unlocked Dell Streak comes with a $500 price tag

Unlocked Dell Streak comes

At the D8 Conference, Dell announced that the Dell Streak will be available online starting next month. They also revealed its price tag and confirmed the July release date for the US market for (The O2 Dell Streak is already available in Europe starting June).

As it is highly popular/profitable to launch tablets and smartphones these days, Dell decided to create a “best of both worlds” gadget. So they came out with the Dell Streak: a smartphone with a tablet’s display, a funny contraption that made my day when it was announced.

So it might seem like Dell hit two birds with one stone, but on the downside, some of the advantages of smartphones and tablets have been cut down. So we can use it like a tablet or a smartphone but it will never handle movie playback like a full fledged tablet, nor will it come with the same mobility plus as your regular Android smartphone. Nonetheless, having two of the recent world most popular devices in a single package took a toll on me.

Unlocked Dell Streak comes with a $500 price tag

The unlocked version of this Android 2.1 based smartphone / tablet will be available at 500 bucks. So the Dell Streak price tag is more than decent: 500 bucks for an unlocked smartphone & tablet. I’d say it’s a hell of a bargain.

While the O2 Streak runs amok in Europe, Dell didn’t officially announce any Carrier Support in the US of A but rumors reached my ears that AT&T and maybe T Mobile will be the first to offer support to the Dell Streak. The Dell Streak release date for the US market is set for next month (July).

We’ll get back to you as soon as we get more info on the carriers.