Verizon Plans a Family Plan Offer: Unlimited Data Basically Free

Verizon Plans a Family Plan Offer

With the holidays coming up, you can hear more and more about offers, discounts, and promotions as it seems like all the big 4 US carriers are yet again fully engaged in a their offer battle.. Of course all of their efforts are aimed towards keeping their customers loyal and satisfied, and of course snatching some customers, if possible, from rival carriers. And when it comes to smartphones, Verizon is certainly one strong horse to bet on in each race.

A rumor states that Verizon Wireless will soon offer customers the possibility to get a discount on monthly plans, upon subscribing to a family plan (that’s two lines sharing the same minute bank). This news came to us from the news giant The Wall Street Journal, so it’s a pretty sure thing if you ask me. This new promotion starts Friday, November 19th, and will continue accepting subscribers all the way through January 7th. The catch is the $29.99 you will have to pay every month for unlimited data plans for your smartphones, which is not a lot of money if you can make good with the data transfer. While The Wall Street Journal announced the cost of the plan, they did not announce the size of the discount that Verizon offers the customers. However, we have an approximation of that discount of up to $30 off your monthly bills on the family plans that range from $69.99 to $149.99 per month, so if you end up paying $29 but save $30 it sounds like quite a bargain, if you think about all of the data included in the package. In addition, the $9,99 charges for a fourth and a fifth line will be waived during this offer.

Verizon Wireless did not make any official announcement yet, but as I said before, The Wall Street Journal can be considered a very reliable source. I have a little feeling that if this pans out, it can be considered a response to AT&T’s promotions and phones that started to appear on November 7th. Among these promotions there is a buy 2 get 1 free offer, and some great smartphones, so if you’re interested read more about it here.

Bottom line is: if you are on a family plan, this Verizon Wireless holiday should not be taken lightly. Most of the parents out there know what it’s like to pay your child’s bill at the end of the month and feel like to many of the hours you put in at work where wasted on it. However, if you find the best suited plan for you and your family, or even better, if you are a very „technological” family and can make use of Verizon’s data plan, maybe this Christmas is a perfect opportunity to get your phone bill under control.