Yahoo Messenger 10 short description and free download

Yahoo Messenger 10

Yahoo! Messenger is an instant messaging client offered by Yahoo!, that certainly doesn’t need any introduction. Launched as Yahoo! Pager 12 years ago, it has now reached its tenth version. The program is absolutely free, and is supported exclusively by advertisements.

Talking with your friends is now much more easier with Yahoo! Messenger. You can chat for hours over the Internet as if you were on the phone. You only need a headset, or a mike and speakers. It’s really that easy. You only have to click the Call button. There is also a voicemail function, in case you want to leave a voice message. And the sound quality is much better than that of normal phone lines.

But the main function of YM is definitely text chatting. You can add or invite friends to Messenger or you are added or invited. Then, the fun begins! Now you can even send your contact info to a friend’s Address Book.

With YM you can send or receive images, videos or URLs. Yahoo! Messenger 10 also allows you to see pics or vids displayed inside the chat window. And there are other visual enhancements that come with the latest Yahoo! Messenger.

The best place you can download Yahoo! Messenger 10 (or even earlier versions) is the YM official site. The renown communicating software is available in multiple languages. Be careful, though, when you install the program, as the installation kit also contains Yahoo! Toolbar. If you don’t want it, you’ll have to deselect add-ons you don’t want from the Install wizard.