10k Microsoft Employees Use Iphones

10k Microsoft Employees Use Iphones

Posted on 13. Mar, 2010 by Mihai Andrici in Cellphone News, News

It seems that the iPhone is not only taking big chunks of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS market, but they are even taking “hostages” in Microsoft’s own ranks.

According to a couple of people that came across this info from big M senior executives, 10% of the Microsoft employees are using iPhones to access the Microsoft employee email system. If you do the math, that’s up to 10 thousand iPhone users in Microsoft’s own quarters.

As you can read at WSJ, there are some employees that try to disguise their iPhones with some boring (aka generic) cases, while some hide them only when they are among the big sharks. Now, it is my personal input that there are whole lot more iPhone users between Microsoft Employees, but maybe not all of them use their iPhone to connect to the mail system. I know I whouldn’t like to parade the competition’s success at the firm that I am working at, but maybe that’s just me.

Microsoft Employees Secretly Use Iphones

I, for one, can’t say that I blame them as Windows Mobile terminals are reduced to brick by the OS. And while the iPhone OS is not my personal favorite, it is a lot more fun. Not to mention that the iPhone has the most amazing touchscreen up to this date.

But let me ask you this: Imagine you are a Microsoft employee. Would you use an iPhone ?

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