Amazon Holiday Offers: Samsung Captivate Gets $24.99 Deal


Since the Holidays are getting closer and closer we can expect all sorts tempting deals and special offers for all kinds of devices. We are used to receiving many advantageous promotions from Amazon, like the one with T-Mobile’s G2 price deal of $79.99 that Amazon launched a few weeks back. Recently Amazon started taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile as well and now new offers are starting to pour out due to the Holiday season which is right around the corner.

The most tempting deal from the Amazon Wireless Store involves AT&T’s Samsung Captivate which is looking forward to a discount, ending up with a price of just $24.99. Of course this discount doesn’t come without any strings attached. The very appealing price tag will be available only on certain plans involving new individual accounts. At the first look, this sounds like a real bargain considering that the Captivate is AT&T’s own Samsung Galaxy S. Speaking of which, AT&T itself just launched a Holiday offer where for every two accessories bought, you get another one for free.

Amazon Launches Holiday Offers. Captivate Gets $24.99 Deal

Getting back to our business, the deals from the Amazon Wireless Store don’t stop with the Samsung Captivate. In fact, there are many other devices that are blessed with discounts and special deals. The same Samsung Galaxy S but from two different carriers, from Verizon as Samsung Fascinate and from T-Mobile as Samsung Vibrant, bear significant discounts, although not as appealing as the one on the Captivate. AT&T’s HTC Aria is being sold by Amazon starting from the “unearthly” amount of 1 cent. HTC Droid Incredible from Verizon is also among the happy devices to be sold with a special price from Amazon, but I guess we are used to surprising price plans for the DInc considering all these price discounts that the Incredible went through lately. Nice touch from Amazon to think about its customers with the Holidays so close.