iPod/iPhone/iPad How To: Remove iTunes Duplicates

iPod iPhone iPad How To Remove iTunes Duplicates

Who likes duplicates in their iTunes? I don’t, and I’m willing to bet you don’t either. For one reason or another, some of you could want to keep duplicates in iTunes on purpose. So be it that you want to delete all duplicates or just the ones you don’t need, you will be able through this How To. Here’s what we should do, and by we I mean you, to get those pesky duplicates out of the way.

  • Step1. You should do this for both your Music and Movies because you never know where duplicates may lurk. So, open your iTunes and then click on either Music or Movies on the left pane, under LIBRARY.
  • Step2. Click File and from the dropdown select Display Duplicates. What it does is browse the entire database, filtering the duplicates and displaying them.
  • Step3. If your list still doesn’t seem right, repeat Step 2 while holding down the Shift Key. What this does is allow you to click on Display Exact Duplicates instead of Display Duplicates from Step 2. This can help narrow down the search.
  • Step4. Once your duplicates are selected, carefully compare the name and the length or other relevant information  to make sure what you are deleting is really a duplicate(it can be a cover, remix or other editings of famous songs).
  • Step5. Once you have identified the songs you surely want to delete from iTunes, highlight the listings and bin them by hitting Delete. Once this is completed, just hit the Show All button at the bottom of the page and your full list is back in order.

Remember to do this for both your Music and Movies. iTunes are now in order, sleek clean and ready to party, and you did all this by yourself, without having to pay any money for duplicate removal tools. Hope this helped.