Apple iTunes 10.2 is Safe for Unlockers / Jailbreakers, Will iOS 4.3 Be The Same ?

Apple iTunes 10.2 is Safe for Unlockers Jailbreakers

Earlier this week, shortly after Steve Jobs revealed the Apple iPad 2, Apple released a fresh update for iTunes, its media management & digital store.  iTunes 10.2 update emphasizes mainly on the software’s compatibility with the iOS 4.3 update (release date has been set as March 11, 2011, same day as the iPad 2 release date).

Note that iTunes 10.2 is just a minor update, with not many significant changes made to the previous version. However, it does offer improved Home Sharing, a feature that will enable  iTunes 10.2 to play and browse any TV show, movie, or song from the iTunes library with Home Sharing on your iPhone, iPad, and/or iTouch with iOS4.3. Another highlight in the new update is the little black color that has been added to the iTunes’ preference pane icons, although sadly, the icons in the sidebar don’t feature this “eye-candy”.

Apple iTunes 10.2 is Safe for Unlockers / Jailbreakers, Will iOS 4.3 Be The Same ?

iTunes 10.2 also offers a new option in its sharing pane, which will enable you to update play counts of the media played through home sharing devices. Last, but not the least, iTunes 10.2 seems to be  safe for unlockers and jailbreakers as well ! However, chances are Apple will try and come up with some new safety measure against jailbreaking. It’s unlikely that those safety measures will stop the jailbreak community

Thus, with the release of iTunes 10.2, Apple is just preparing us for the upcoming iOS 4.3. As mentioned above, iOS 4.3 will be made available on March 11, 2011 for the GSM iPhone 4, iPad, 3rd and 4th generation iPod Touch, and iPhone 3GS. Till then, you can download iTunes 10.2 from the following links and get ready for installing the new iOS 4.3 update.

The new iTunes 10.2 can be downloaded for free from Apple’s Official Website. This update is compatible to both Windows and Mac.

Download iTunes 10.2 for Windows 7, Vista (64 Bit)
Download iTunes 10.2 for Windows 7, Vista, XP (32 Bit)
Download iTunes 10.2 for Mac OS X

You may visit for more information on security content of the new update.