Facebook FarmVille Tips And Tricks (No Farmville Cheats)

Facebook FarmVille Tips And Tricks (No Farmville Cheats)

FarmVille is a browser-based game developed by Zynga, the same producer that made the Mafia Wars game (also available on iPhone). FarmVille is about managing your own farm by rearing animals and growing plants (trees, vegetables and fruits). The game is really about earning experience points and money so you can develop your farm further.

Facebook FarmVille Tips And Tricks (No Farmville Cheats)

The game, like any other game, has some cheats of its own which are available online though none or few of them are going to work. Besides these worthless FarmVille cheats, you can also find some of the game’s strategies to increase leveling and money earning speed. FarmVille provides a number of paid guide books that show the user a few of the game’s tips and tricks.

For the advanced users that know a few about programming, a Cheat Engine is available on the internet. The engine allows the user to hack into FarmVille and change a few of the game’s variables. Depending on the construction of the game you might be able to temporarily change the client side of the game. All of the good stuff are configured on the game server and the Cheat Engine cannot access the server, tough you might be able to hack into it by using other unknown methods. Because the engine hacks only the client side of the game, the user will need to start over the process once he’s closed the browser.

Another FarmVille cheat requires the user to create a different account (called a giver) and after the account’s creation, go to the “Gift” tab, right click on it and then select “Open In New Window/Tab”. Do this as often as you want. After opening more than one tabs, go to each of them and select the desired gifts, but be sure not to confirm any of the selections. After doing the gift selection, go to every tab and select your main account as the gift receiving account. After completing all of the upper steps, click confirm and your main account will receive the gifts that you selected. This is a good way to make money, but it gives you lower amounts of money so you’d better stick to planting and harvesting crops, a better and faster way to earn money.

There is another FarmVille trick that helps the user gain more coins. The trick is knowing which plant or animal gives you the best earnings.

As seen above, most of the FarmVille cheats are not really cheats, but just strategies, tips and tricks that help the player grow his farm faster.