Mozilla Firefox Lorentz (3.6.3 Beta Version) Up For Free Download

Mozilla Firefox Lorentz

In March, Mozilla has announced a new Firefox update (3.6.3), codenamed Firefox Lorentz. The update brings the browser’s users a new feature called “process-isolation”. While Google Chrome had this feature from its very beginning (we covered this in our Google Chrome Review), Firefox lacked such an important security feature, but things will be solved with Firefox Lorentz.

What Firefox Lorentz does is run every plugin on a separate process, meaning the browser will not crash when a plugin crashes. When a plugin crashes the user gets an error.

The only plugins available for Mozilla Firefox Lorentz are Quicktime, Flash and Silverlight, but the list of Firefox Lorentz plugins will soon be populated.

The Mozilla Firefox crash-safe update is in its Beta stage and it can be downloaded for Windows or Linux at the following link Firefox Lorentz.