LG B – World’s Next Brightest and Thinnest Android smartphone, confirmed for CES 2011

LG B – World’s Next Brightest and Thinnest Android smartphone

You might have thought that lately, even though the frenzy of launching more and more high-end handsets just settled in for most manufacturers, LG was slacking off and sitting back patiently. Well, you were wrong! Just after LG officially acknowledged the world’s first smartphone with a dual-core processor as their own Optimus 2x, we found out that LG had, in fact, even bigger plans for the next Smartphone season. The LG B Android phone is going to be the world’s brightest smartphone yet, managing to overcome the barrier imposed by the mighty Samsung Galaxy S and its Super AMOLED display. After taking a long look at the picture shown below, courtesy of the guys over at Phandroid, you’ll definitely notice that the device situated between the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S owns a brighter screen by far. Yep, that’s the codenamed LG B.

LG B between the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S (from Phandroid)

If you are not impressed by now, take a look at the other two pictures from below to see another ace up B’s sleeve. Compared to Apple’s iPhone 4 and what seems to be, once again, the Samsung Galaxy S, the LG B could very well hide beside either of the two smartphones without being spotted, as it is clearly thinner than both of them. If you come to think about Apple’s take on the iPhone 4 as the thinnest smartphone on the planet, this would surely make the LG B overthrow the iPhone and win the gold medal in the thickness category.

LG B / iPhone 4 thickness comparison (from Phandroid)

LG B / Galaxy S thickness comparison (from Phandroid)

There isn’t much to be said about the LG B as the only specs leaked so far concern the screen and the energy chapter of the handset. The specs sheet provided below demonstrate what we were able to conclude so far about the LG B: that it is indeed brighter than the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S. Phandroid received a few tips about the smartphone, claiming that the device is still under development and manufacturers are looking for ways to make the display even brighter than it already appears to be. If this is actually the case, I’m really looking forward to see what LG will eventually come up with.

LG B Specs Sheet (from Phandroid)

Update: Soon after the first leaks of the LG B started to come out, LG didn’t mind confirming the upcoming world’s thinnest and brightest smartphone yet. They have just posted a tweet saying that “the super slim & super bright LG B Android phone” will be coming to CES for everyone to see it with their own eyes. We don’t know what actually happened there, but LG seems to regret confirming the device, since the tweet has been removed, soon enough after it was posted. But it’s all too late, since the Internet is already filled with rumors and speculations about the tweet itself.