New Apple iPad 2 Rumors : NFC Capabilities, Carbon Fiber Shell and 7-inch Display

New Apple iPad 2 Rumors

While we’re all looking forward to an official announcement for the second generation iPad from Apple, rumors concerning various details of the iPad 2 are already storming the Internet, ranging from a new 7-inch form factor to an altered carbon fiber design. First of all, the guys over at iLounge brought up something we kinda already knew. Based on a previously accurate source, iLounge suggested that the second gen iPad, as well as the upcoming iPhone 5, will contain RFID/NFC accessories capable of communicating with near-field radio chips, turning your mobile device into a credit card without the need for a Bluetooth or any other similar connection. Another radio chip could make your iPad or iPhone go into power-saving hibernation mode automatically and even more advanced accessories are on their way, iLounge reports.

The second newsworthy detail about the upcoming iPad 2 that we were able to pick up, concerns a new body material for Apple’s new tablet. Several trustworthy tech web sites, such as Redmondpie or Pcmag suggested that Apple is looking to change the old aluminum body with an improved material similar to carbon fiber. Rumor has it that a carbon fiber iPad 2 prototype has already been spotted but this won’t be the first time Apple change their mind, in case they decide to drop this design.

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Finally, iLounge’s sources stated that, despite Apple abandoning the idea of the 7-inch iPad last year, they were spotted asking a certain component provider to develop a part for the use on a 7-inch tablet. It is highly unlikely that Apple is still working on designing a 7-inch iPad since CEO Steve Jobs himself called such devices with 7-inch displays as “tweeners”, but who knows, maybe such a tablet is still in works.

And since we’ve come to talk about it, it looks like the second generation iPad will get an announcement during a small event around March, rather than a grand festivity as we are used to every time Apple is ready release a new device. Cultofmac base this claim on the fact that an Apple product launch without Apple’s own Steve Jobs isn’t quite the same, and since the release date of the iPad 2 isn’t waiting for Jobs’ indefinite medical leave of absence to end, most likely there is going to be a small event for the announcement of the tablet. Obviously, all these are merely rumors but as soon as we get some solid info we’ll let you know.