Opera Mini 5.1 now available on Android

Opera Mini 5.1 now available on Android

Opera Mini 5.1 final is at last available for all you Android users. The countless requests for a final version of the browser for Android have convinced the producers to speed up their work. The new Opera brings better browsing performance and an improved user experience.

Now, let’s detail a little; those of you who don’t quite have high-end devices will especially fancy the Opera Mini. It can compress data by up to 90% before sending web content to your device. Page loading speed will decrease substantially, and so will the bills.

Opera Mini 5.1 now available on Android

Moreover, Opera Mini 5.1 brings in features such as bookmarks, password manager, speed dial and tabbed browsing. One of the greatest improvements is the image appearance when you zoom out. However, inexperienced users might find it hard to accommodate to the pinch-zoom system. Page navigation is also easier. Kinetic scrolling has been added. At times, you’ll feel that you’re on your PC when you are using Opera Mini. You can set Opera’s newest browser for Android to be your default browser, so you’ll be able to launch pages from outside.

You can download for free the Opera Mini directly to your Android device from the Android Market (or upgrade it if you already have the beta) or at m.opera.com. Should you like more info, visit the Opera official site, or watch this video.

The Norwegians at Opera have been offering browsing software for PC users from 1996, while the first Opera Mini (especially designed for mobile phones and smartphones) was released in August 2005.