Rogers iPad data plans pricing revealed: No Unlimited!

Rogers iPad data plans pricing revealed

A big step forward by Apple today, this one coming right after the . It seems that the “at the trend” gadget producer (that’s Apple) has some good news prepared for its Canadian fans too: the countless complains about Rogers pricing will not apply for the iPad (although an unlimited iPad plan would have been nice to have).

The lowest and presumed to be the most used Rogers iPad data plan will go around for the price of $15/month for 250 MB of iPad traffic. Unlike in the US market, the second cheapest Rogerst iPad plan costs $35/month for 5GB of traffic. Although this is a fair amount for a home user that only wants internet access for the occasional video watching, chatting and web browsing it seems that the biggest problem is that fact that Rogers won’t have any unlimited traffic plan for the iPad.

Rogers updates Data Plans for the iPad: No Unlimited!

As far as availability and obligations concerns go, the subject can be summarized in just one word: “None”.