T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab Price Now $250 On Contract

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab

The tablet market is heating up with major players as well as smaller fries feverishly working on newer models and jostling for the consumer’s mindspace. If you fancy adding one to your life, this looks like a good time to do it, with carriers slashing down prices of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Just a while ago, the Sprint Samsung Galaxy tab price was reduced to $299 on contract. Close on Sprint’s heels, T-Mobile also announced a drop in the Galaxy Tab price: from $299.99 to $249.99 with a two-year contract starting February 1. Earlier, we had reports that Verizon would drop the price of the Galaxy Tab too — from $599 to $499. What’s more, the buzz was it would also give away $60 worth of movie rentals with the swanky gadget. But it looks like there is more to the news than just T-Mobile replying to Sprint’s price cut, particularly if we take into account the fact that the Galaxy Tab may not be much of an attraction when Honeycomb tablets arrive.

Motorola recently unveiled Xoom, its first Honeycomb-based tablet. Android 3.0 tablets from Acer are expected to arrive in April. There is also buzz that Samsung may announce new tablets running Honeycomb and Windows Phone 7 models this February.

Considering the holiday shopping season is over, such attractive deals on the Galaxy tab is invariably getting people curious. But not all are bothered. A good deal is after all a good deal, no?