Tchaikovsky’s Birth Date Celebrated By New Google Doodle

Celebrated By New Google Doodle

It seems that today, on 7/05/2010, Google decided to celebrate Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s birthday with a new Google Doodle symbolizing the Russian’s composer love for for ballet.

If Tchaikovsky wouldn’t have died on November 6, 1893 (some think that Tchaikovsky died of cholera, other seem to believe that he committed suicide), and if he would found a miracle essence of immortality, he would have been 170 years old today.

Although Tchaikovsky’s genius manifested itself in music composed across a decent variety of genres (from symphony to opera and others), he is remembered and celebrated by most today as the one of the most successful ballet composers of all time, creating titles such as Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and The Sleeping Beauty.

Tchaikovsky’s Birth Date Celebrated By Google Doodle

So, if you come across Google’s Ballet-Inspired Doodle, remember that it’s Tchaikovsky birth date that the most popular search engine is celebrating. This is only the last in a series of artists, dates and other significant events celebrated by Google’s home page in recent years.

In my opinion, Google does a great job with this Doodles, a cause that not only draws attention to some very important topics, but also manages to spice up my homepage from time to time.