Sony to unveil Google TV on October 12

Sony to unveil Google TV on October 12

Back in May, Sony announced that they would release a Google TV line-up this Fall. Now, they’ve come with more details. The Japanese company promised to introduce ”the world’s first Internet Television” at a media event held in New York, on October 12. In September, Sony also exhibited a demo of its product at the IFA show in Germany.

The new Internet TV from Sony will be one of the first home video products to feature built-in support for Google TV. The software platform from Google will reportedly integrate the search engine and any Web-based Flash video directly to your TV Other web-based widgets will also be available. Initially a rumor, it’s been confirmed that Sony is to release set-top units with integrated Blu-ray drives and Bravia Internet TVs, both with Google TV services, of course.

“The world’s first Internet Television” doesn’t necessarily mean the only one, because Sony will have to face tough competition, as Logitech also announced the Logitech Revue set-top box would be released this Fall, with a smaller price, it seems. Furthermore, the Roku line, the Apple TV update and the Boxee Box, also eagerly awaited by the public, are to be released sooner or later.

Anyway, we’ll probably get all the details on Sony’s new line on October 12, when pricing and availability won’t be secret anymore. The search giant officials confirmed that TV will be available worldwide next year, but no doubt they’ll be wanting to speed up the process.

Stay tuned, because the release date is not too far off, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we are let in on new info.