Virtual DJ 6.1.2 short review and free download (trial version)

Virtual DJ 6.1.2

If you like listening to club music, you’ve surely thought by now about making it yourself. There are a lot of programs out there that do this for you, but Virtual DJ is something else. There are lots of people all over the world who create their own mixes with the help of it, not to mention professional DJs who use it at the club. Virtual DJ is the successor to AtomixMP3 and its first version was released 7 years ago.

After a quick installation, you can get your first look on Virtual DJ. You’ll see a really intuitive layout; you can drag an drop songs from your computer, and then you only have to use the buttons (you’ll find just about everything a pro would want) or the two turntables. The program exports your creations as WAVs, so you might like an MP3 encoder.

Virtual DJ can also mix video files, and it’s as simple as with the audio ones. Video ripping software is included, so you can copy files off DVDs to your hard drive. The quality of the videos is great, so, if you’re a real DJ, you can easily show off your creations on a plasma screen in the club. If you are a newbie to mixing, you might think some of the features are troublesome, so you should consult the software user guide (which is quite comprehensive).

NetSearch and MusicGroups are two of the newer features added to Virtual DJ. The first allows you to access music or videos provided by Grooveshark, while the second stacks up track histories and publishes them on the Virtual DJ official site.

The price of Virtual DJ might seem a little high ($299), but if you want to make up your mind before you purchase it, you can try the 20-day trial version (6.1.2 version).